Yazdbaf Textile and Weaving

Yazdbaf Textile and Weaving

Yazdbaf Company (Public Joint Stock Company) was established in 1956 in the historical city of Yazd, and after that, spinning, weaving, printing and finishing factories of all kinds of cotton fabrics were built on a land with an area of ​​120,000 square meters.

The factory development plan was put into operation in 1997 on a land with an area of ​​270,000 square meters and 112,000 square meters of infrastructure. At present, this company is one of the largest textile factories in the Middle East with: using modern machines from the most reputable European manufacturing companies, technical knowledge, experience and effort of more than 1000 employees and also consuming the best raw materials. This industrial unit is able to produce all kinds of trousers (jeans and linen), shirts, sheets, curtains, mantles, black veils, rumbles and light blankets with a combination of cotton, synthetic fibers or a mixture of them.

Most of the new plant's products are exported to Germany, Italy, Turkey, Greece and France. The company is proud to have received several commendations as a sample exporter.


Yazdbaf Company, a producer of various textile products (as one of the top and largest textile factories in Iran) is now on the eve of the seventh decade of its activity in the country's textile industry. Reliability and dynamism have been the key to our success and survival during these tumultuous years. The managers, employees and workers of this company have always tried to show the Iranian effort by producing products that are the foundation of antiquity and innovation. They hope to open the way to the world gates of this industry from the land of aqueducts and the land of pious people. They believe that Iranians always deserve the best.


Spinning and double twisting: It is located in an area of about 24,000 square meters, which includes two short fiber spinning lines (open and ring system) and double twisting.

This complex has the ability to annually produce 11,000 tons of cotton yarns, combed cotton, synthetic fibers and their mixtures in different grades, as well as the annual production of 1,500 tons of bent yarns.


Prefabrication and weaving halls have been created in an area of about 20,000 square meters. Using equipped machines and high production capacity such as twisting and spinning and knitting machines with projectile and rapier systems with widths of 220, 320 and 360 cm, as well as high speed and capacity, can annually produce about 60 million square meters of pants (jeans and linen). - Shirt - sheet - curtain - mantle - black veil - rumble and light blanket with a combination of cotton, synthetic fibers and their mixture to a width of 340 cm to produce.

Dyeing, printing and finishing:

The dyeing, printing and finishing unit of Yazdbaf Company is one of the most advanced fabric finishing units in Iran. The production halls of these factories have been created in an area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters. Using modern machines and access to the latest technology in the world, it has the ability to perform the following activities:

Continuous dyeing to a width of 200 cm using the best paints and chemicals annually in the amount of 10,000,000 square meters

Printing all kinds of cotton fabrics, synthetic fibers and their mixtures by rotary and flat methods using the best dyes and chemicals annually in the amount of 29.000.000 square meters, of which 20.000.000 square meters are related to rotary printing and 9.000.000 square meters It is related to flat printing.

Indigo cotton yarn dyeing for 8,000,000 square meters of jean fabric annually, which mainly meets the needs of a part of the domestic market.

Reduce the weight of polyester fabrics and complete silk fabrics and create wrinkles in them.

Carrying out finishing operations using equipped and advanced complementary machines such as adjusting the width of the fabric, calendar, scraper, sanding, shearing, performing antibacterial, waterproof, fireproof and ... finishing operations for special fabrics.


Yazdbaf Company has continued to develop its activities and according to the principle of customer respect, has put the policy of production to consumption on its agenda. The products of this company, which have been produced for the final consumers, include collections used in the kitchen, living room and bedroom (bed, rumble, etc.), all kinds of jeans and linen, shirts, scarves, black veil, coats and blankets. The style that is offered to customers in the exhibitions of this company.

Production area:

Yazdbaf Company, in order to meet the needs of its customers on the one hand and also to complete the production capacity in certain time periods, part of its production capacity in all processes - spinning, milling, weaving, finishing and dyeing of fabrics as well as unique services by Special machines (fabric width adjustment, abrasion adjustment, sanding, scraping, grinding, etc.) - are provided to customers. Services can be performed with the agreement and satisfaction of the customer and as a fee by concluding a contract.

Design area:

By using the facilities and equipment of hardware, software and experienced people in textile design and mastering the common design software and software specific to the textile field, the company is able to meet the needs of customers in this field.

Technical area:

Due to the presence of skilled and experienced personnel and appropriate equipment in the technical department (renovation, carpentry, electricity, etc.) this company is able to provide many technical services in the mentioned fields, especially for colleagues in the textile industry. Services will be available upon request of the applicant.

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