Ardakan Textile Factories Company

Ardakan Textile Factories Company

Ardakan textile industry factories in Ardakan city (Yazd province) were constructed on a land with an area of 326 thousand square meters with the investment of Hazrat Seyyed Al-Shohada (P.B.U.H) Yazd Charity Medical Organization with about 40 thousand square meters of infrastructure. It has three sections: spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing and finishing to produce all kinds of raw and finished yarns and fabrics, cotton and synthetic fibers. The first part of it (spinning hall) started working in 1996 and gradually other halls were put into operation. At present time, with 580 employees, it is being produced and operated 24hours. At present, it has spinning sections with an annual capacity of 2900 tons of weaving yarns with an annual capacity of 19 million square meters of raw fabrics, dyeing and printing and finishing with an annual capacity of 16.4 million square meters of completed fabrics.

Batting and carding salon

Spinning salon

The spinning department of the company has the ability to produce all kinds of yarns with ring and open systems from cotton fibers and cotton blends with synthetic fibers and from grades Ne = 10 to Ne = 50. A part of the yarn produced is sent to the company's weaving section and another part is sold.

Double twisting Hall

In this hall, filament and multi-lacquer threads of spun yarns are twisted. A part of the yarn produced is transferred to the weaving unit of the company and another part is sold.

Knitting and pre-knitting hall

In this hall, by using the existing installed machines, all kinds of raw fabrics up to the width of 3.6 meters of cotton and a mixture of cotton with synthetic fibers are produced.

Cord drawing hall

Starch hall

Knitting hall

Dyeing, printing and finishing hall

In this hall, all kinds of finished fabrics are produced in the form of bleaching, dyeing, printing, dyeing and printing of different materials. The types of products in this section include sheets, coats, shirts, linen, scarfs, work clothes, normal clothes, pants, etc.

Control and laboratory departments:

In these units, various measurements and quantitative and qualitative controls of production are done, which are:

1. Spinning laboratory includes a variety of measuring equipment, including Oster and ADSL

2. Dyeing, printing and finishing laboratory includes a complete set of required equipment

3. Raw control includes seven sets of control, sorting and rolling machines

Packaging hall

The ultimate control and packing hall includes ten sets of various types of control and packing machines, shearing ones


Ardakan Textile Factories Company, as the first holder of ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, has obtained the management system according to the high standard for the scope of application in the field of design and production of various types of raw and finished fabrics and production of yarns in short fiber system. ISO 9001 quality management standard certificate in the field of product quality is a certificate of validity and quality assurance of the company's products.
One of the honors of the company is receiving the Golden Awards statues.
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