Bonyad Concrete Southeastern Yazd Company

Bonyad Concrete Southeastern Yazd Company
The Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution, which was organized in 1978, along with its subsidiaries, is proud to have acted for more than 3 decades of its professional activity, relying on quality and innovation, and its activities for the sustainable development of Islamic Iran.
Southeastern Bonyad Concrete Company with useful experience in production, relying on the most comprehensive and complete knowledge of concrete production in Iran and using the scientific and technical capabilities of its experienced engineers and experts in this field and in the field of sand production. Granulation as well as production of beams using resistance and hook welding according to the current standards of the country in order to improve the efficiency of the country's development projects and harmonize it with the progress of the world today and in line with the goals of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution.
The company guarantees its products in all stages of production of ready-mixed concrete, granulated sand and beam production by increasing annual investments and raising the level of quality and system of production process and services and quality distribution and stability. Also, in addition to ensuring consumer confidence, it takes effective action to reform the country's fundamental structures and economic infrastructure.

Southeast Concrete Foundation Vision:
Southeastern Concrete Foundation Company for the purposes of the Vision 2025 document is a leading company in the field of production and supply of green concrete products and having half of the regional market share, in line with the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Southeastern Concrete Foundation Mission:
Southeastern Concrete Foundation Company is ready to provide quality concrete products, in accordance with modern world standards, using up-to-date technology and knowledge in order to meet customer needs throughout the country
Concrete transport mixer truck, aerated concrete pump for concrete discharge, automatic batching machine for concrete production, dump truck for transporting materials, loaders, sand production line with all equipment, bulldozer, beam with hook production line, quality control unit with materials laboratory with full equipment 
- Member of Iran Concrete Association
- The only concrete producer in Yazd province
- Member of the Association of Finalized Concrete Manufacturers
- The only company with a standard of 50 MPa in Yazd province
- Holder of a certificate of the partner laboratory of the standard office
- The only company with a memorandum of cooperation with the standard office of Yazd province
- Holder of the commendation plaque of the selected quality control manager of Yazd Standard Office
- Holder of a certificate of appreciation for quality improvement from the standard office in 2017 and 2018
-Holder of the National Award for Organizational Excellence and Progress in Yazd Province
-Obtaining the standard certification of ISO 17025 laboratory management system of the National Certification Center of Iran

  • Admin Name
  • Mr. Mehdi Darvish MehdiAbadi
  • Phone
  • 37213041 (035)
  • Factory Phone
  • 38221967 - 38287010 (035)
  • Fax
  • 37223363 (035)
  • Email
  • Region
  • Yazd
  • Address
  • Yazd office: Next to the main Fruits and Vegetables Market, Ring road, Yazd
  • Address
  • Head Office: Km3 Khezrabad Road, Yazd
  • Address
  • Ardakan Factory: End of Imam Khomeini St., Opposite to Imam Khomeini center, Ardakan Tel: 03532229017
  • Postal Code
  • 8917113113
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