Shishe Mazroof Yazd Company

Shishe Mazroof Yazd Company
In parallel with increasing the quality and variety of products of Kaveh Industrial Group and with the aim of meeting the needs of domestic and international markets and creating added value and currency and productive and sustainable employment in Yazd province, Yazd crystal design and development project with a capacity of 25,000 tons per year in industrial town Khezrabad started on a land with an area of 10,000 square meters in November 2013. In this project, which has the latest technical knowledge and the most accurate machines in the world, there are 8 feeder press lines, all of which are being built by the technical executive team of Kaveh Industrial Group. The volume of its smelting furnace is 140 cubic meters. In total, it is predicted that the implementation of this development plan will increase the total capacity of Yazd Container Factory from the current 26,000 tons to 51,000 tons per year and be considered as one of the largest glassware factories in the country.
Yazd Mazroof Glass Factory was added to the collection of factories of Kaveh Glass Industrial Group with the aim of producing various types of crystal dining services, especially production of products by pressing method. The plant started in 1984 with effective production power and high efficiency, and now has the capacity to develop new production lines up to 25 production lines in full.
Currently, about 500 people are working in the production sector of the factory. Recently, an 8-color printing machine has been added to the production line in order to develop product diversity and stronger customer response.

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  • Eng. Naser Bahrami
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  • 29100-29490 (021)
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  • 09122560196
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  • 37272895 (035)
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  • 22198009 (021)
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  • Yazd
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  • Head Office: Kaveh Bldg., No.4, Shahid Mojdi St., Oshan Blvd., End of Imam Ali (P.B.U.H) Highway, Tehran
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  • Factory: Mazroof Glass Yazd Company, Beside Chini Behdashti Morvarid, 12th St., Industrial zone, Yazd Fax: 03537272253
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  • 1956983111
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