Isatis Yazd Sanitary Chinaware

Isatis Yazd Sanitary Chinaware
Isatis Yazd Sanitary Chinaware Company started to work in 2001 in the historical city of Yazd with the great purpose of producing ceramic and sanitary Chinaware products. The company intends to offer various products based on international standards by using the latest technical knowledge in the world and rich and unique experiences with hardworking people from the province. We hope that with the new and unique design of domestic experts, we will be able to establish a strong link between the producer and the consumer, and our country, Iran, with the world.
The large family of Isatis Yazd, with the support of 300 experts, competent Iranian managers and the expertise of experienced international consultants, has always tried to offer the highest quality, innovation, beauty and diversity to its customers and to change a better lifestyle of consumers. Isatis Yazd company owes these achievements and successes to the efforts of each member and staff who, due to teamwork, collective wisdom and empathy, have been able to combine innovation and modern style of sanitary porcelain production with Iranian art and bring this group into one of the successful Iranian producers. Isatis sanitary porcelain products have been provided to consumers in order to pay attention to the environment and optimal performance and to consider the hygienic production environment.
The goals of the company are:
Making the products as a Brand
Creating value for employees
Meeting the needs of customers and increasing their satisfaction
Product development
Market development

The company will achieve these goals by using the following solutions:
Innovation and creativity in new products
On time delivery of products according to the commitments
Meeting the motivational needs of employees
Increasing personal skills and technical knowledge of the staff
Attending domestic and foreign exhibitions to reach new markets

Obviously, the above-mentioned purposes will be achieved by the efforts and cooperation of all esteemed colleagues and the growing scientific and team management growth, and therefore we are confident that all colleagues will help the company achieve its goals by implementing an organized system and benefiting from training.

While allocating the necessary resources and believing in a codified quality management system, I will review its effectiveness and put its continuous improvement on my agenda.

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  • Mr. Karbasi
  • Phone
  • 37272492-3 - 37272060 (035)
  • Mobile
  • 09131548862
  • Fax
  • 37272491 (035)
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  • Region
  • Yazd
  • Address
  • Factory address: Nastaran 24m St., Aqaqia Blvd., Second phase, Yazd Industrial town, Yazd province
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The discharge system in this model is a Rim jet and is of siphonic type. It is similar to a waterfall in terms of discharge. The output is different and it’s 60cm. In this type of toilet, the discharge is due to the vacuum in the siphon. This type is also recommended for apartments.

This model is under the category of siphonics in terms of discharge. According to the innovations made in its siphon part, three shootings are designed under the rim, which washes with high pressure, and with the shot at the bottom of the rim, the discharge is done with much more pressure than the water jet and rim jet. This model is considered a luxury.

This model is also like Melina. In terms of dimensions, it’s bigger than Melina. But in terms of function of the AXE, is similar to Melina and is considered a luxury type.

This model is also of water jet type and is considered as a siphonic subgroup. The drainage system in this toilet is due to the vacuum in the toilet siphon and the water consumption is low and the outer size of the toilet is 60 cm. The difference between waterjet and Rim jet is in the bottom shooting part that it increases the final discharge power.