Tehran Polymer Yara

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Tehran Polymer Yara

Tehran Polymer Yara started its activity in 2002 with a production capacity of 300 tons per year. At present, with the expansion of the activities of this production complex in the direction of industrial technology development and the brilliance of its achievements, it continues its activities with more than 300 types of products and with a capacity of approximately 6,000 tons per year. Relying on and reaping the efforts and 35 years of scientific and practical experience of its senior managers in the mold industry, and by increasing the production capacity as well as offering various new products, the company has a worthy share of the domestic and foreign market. . By conducting expert studies and also using potential capabilities and by establishing and developing quality improvement systems and international standards and by receiving the national standard of Iran and the approval of the Water and Sewerage Company, and also with the latest technology and localization of advanced machines built by experienced personnel, with scientific systems and outstanding technical engineering, as well as having a capable network of training, installation and after-sales service and the establishment of extensive agencies throughout the country is ready to help in the production of bulk polymer products.

Tehran Polymer Yara Company always benefits from research and engineering units and communication with knowledge-based organizations and universities and the use of precise quality control units and constant supervision in all stages of production by experienced technicians with the aim of improving the goodness and credibility of the company. This company thinks about the increasing comparative advantages of its products in providing Iranian smart customer satisfaction.



Types of polyethylene tanks with a capacity of 50 to 20,000 liters in single, double, triple and four-layer antibacterial to store a variety of liquids and food, sanitary, chemical, petroleum and… in residential homes and industries:

Types of polyethylene tubs with a capacity of 20 to 5000 liters to store a variety of liquids and food, sanitary, chemical, petroleum, etc. and various industries, including aquaculture

Types of traffic products including traffic barrels, New Jersey and so on

A variety of custom products and parts, including game sets for parks, a variety of pots and a variety of other industrial parts

Product features:
- In single-layer, double-layer, three-layer and four-layer antibacterial types
- In different shapes of horizontal, vertical, oval, cube, underpass, funnel and expansion
- Resistant to UV radiation
- Ability to easily install a variety of connections in standard sizes
- Ability to use in industries and residential homes to store a variety of liquids and sanitary, chemical, petroleum
- Can be used in all hot and cold climates
- Easy to carry, anti-corrosion, flexible and long life

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  • First and second factory: Block no. 3580, corner of Niloofar 2, After Khaje Nasir cross, West Ghazal Blvd., Eshtahard Industrial Zone, Alborz province Telfax: 026-37777156&7 Cell phone: 09337775881
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