Arvin Baspar Pooya Yazd Company

Arvin Baspar Pooya Yazd Company

Arvin Baspar Pouya Yazd Company entered the world of materials in 2004 relying on the expertise and technology of the world and using modern and advanced devices and machines in the field of production of polyethylene pipe compound.


This collection, along with technical and specialized knowledge and information, and relying on the efforts and perseverance of colleagues and experts in the collection, has been able to provide materials and compounds for polyethylene pipes (especially water and sewage pipes) due to its many years of experience. And Masterbatch) to produce other materials such as telecommunication cable components and to gain a part of the market by producing these materials.


This group has already taken effective steps in the field of industry by using modern methods in the field of preparation and production of raw materials, and with the courage and perseverance of its colleagues, it hopes to achieve its long-term goals day by day. The company's goal is to compete in the market and benefit from more production space. The motto of this collection is in line with production along with the customer-oriented and proud industry.


This complex is currently ready to cooperate with all manufacturers across the country with a daily production capacity of 20 tons of PE raw materials and compounds.

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  • Mr. Izadfar
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  • 35270000 - 35271111 (035)
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  • 09120351861
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  • 35270000 (035)
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  • zarch
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  • Vali Asr Industrial Zone, Zarch area, Yazd province
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