Yazd Singamik automatic mosaic

Yazd Singamik automatic mosaic
Yazd Sangamik Automatic Mosaic Company is a manufacturer of fully automatic mosaics, flooring and artificial stone in thicknesses of 17 and 30 mm and dimensions of 30 * 30, 40 * 40, 40 * 60 cm square. The company is ranked first in Iran in terms of quality, variety of code and design and production area. This company is the first producer of standard single layer mosaic in the country. In order to meet the needs of customers, anti-abrasion flooring is a joint product of this company and Beton Sakht Aryan Company under the license of German Kurudor, as an exclusive product in Iran and the Persian Gulf.
َSangamik was recognized as a standard model unit by the General Directorate of Standards and Industrial Research in 2006. In 2014, it succeeded in establishing a quality management system based on ISO9001: 2008 standards.

Policy of Sangamik Automatic Mosaic Company of Yazd:

Sangamik Automatic Mosaic Company of Yazd, using modern technology and expert force as a manufacturer of flooring and artificial stone, in accordance with national standards of Iran, is committed to complying with all legal requirements related to the product. The company makes every effort to meet the numerous and growing needs of customers, employees and other stakeholders. It has also used the quality management system to achieve the lofty goals and has made the following strategies its top priority:

1) Increasing customer satisfaction and other stakeholders through customer orientation and improving the technical knowledge of staff

2) Improving the quality of manufactured products and reducing waste

3) Achieving new markets to increase sales

4) Increasing the volume and variety of products

5) Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system

Yazd Sangamik Automatic Mosaic Company has chosen the establishment of quality management system based on ISO9001: 2008 standards as a strategic approach to achieve the above goals.

The management of the company is committed to improving the quality and expects all dear colleagues to work together, sincerely in order to implement the quality management system and improve the performance of the company's processes.

Therefore, the managers of each unit, with sufficient authority, are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the quality management system and providing the necessary reports.

This policy will be revised for everyone with the current conditions and the increasing needs of customers, when necessary.

  • Admin Name
  • Ms. NajmeSadat MirAtashi Yazdi
  • Phone
  • 37272808 (035)
  • Mobile
  • 09131518710
  • Factory Phone
  • 37272707-8 (035)
  • Fax
  • 37272718 (035) - 89783194 (021)
  • Email
  • sangamic@gmail.com
  • Region
  • Yazd
  • Address
  • Sangamik Automatic Mosaic factory, 3rd Nastaran, Nastaran 24M, Aqaqia Blvd., KhezrAbad Industrial Town, Yazd
  • Postal Code
  • 8947183958
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